If you love butterflies, then the Tropical Wings Nature Center is a place you will want to experience. It is located a few miles from San Ignacio, in San Jose Succotz village, and is a 'must see' place for butterfly lovers. Here you will be able to walk in the screened housing area built especially for their care, and get to see and experience the plants, and the butterflies in all their stages.

You will find all types of butterfly species that inhabit the country of Belize, from the unique and brilliant Blue Morpho butterfly to colorful Monarch (scientific name: Monarch Danaus Plexipus - shown above) and many more. All of these butterflies compliment with the inspiring green canopy that sorrounds the center. Even the air allows you to feel the beauty and the wonders that accompany Tropical Wings Nature Center. All these species dwell in their natural habitat, and here you are given the opportunity to be welcomed in their home.