When it comes to shopping, the downtown area of San Ignacio is where you will get just about everything you need. Burns Avenue all on its own hosts a great deal of shops which sell a variety of items. Whether you are looking for some souvenirs, or just looking for some new apparel you’ll find it all there. If you might be looking for some fresh fruits and vegetables you can usually find vendors along the street or you can just head down to the market area and you’ll find an abundant amount of vendors from which you can get your fresh vegetables and fruits.

Pupusas on Market daySan Ignacio has a weekly "Market day" on Saturdays when vendors, selling fresh vegetables and fruits, food, household items, clothing, etc..., would come to the Market square and offer their goods for sale. Entire families would come on Market day to hand pick their favorite juicy fruits or fresh vegetables. Also, after gathering their goods or even before completing their purchases they would sit and enjoy a nice plate of food such as: rice and beans, bollos, panades, or pupusas.