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Xunantunich (Maiden of the Rock), is the second tallest Maya ruin in Belize. Xunantunich is located about a mile across the Mopan River, in San José Succotz, a village in the Cayo District. Xunantunich (pronounced "Shoo-nan-too-nich") means "Stone Woman" in the Maya language. The "Stone Click here to read more about: Xunantunich

Rio On Pools

If you are headed to Rio on Pools you are headed to a marvelous interaction with nature. At Rio on Pools you can enjoy a picnic surrounded by the fresh scent of pine, and chilly temperature of the pine forests. Also enjoy the breathtaking sight of small waterfalls making their journey over large granite rocks, spilling… Click here to read more about: Rio On Pools

Thousand Foot Falls

Thousand Foot Falls( as how it is referred by Belizeans) is  another truly spectacular natural attraction you don't want to miss. 1,000 Foot Falls is the tallest waterfall in Belize and Central America. This fall is 1,600 ft. tall and falls over a steep cliff where it is submerged into densely forested depths.… Click here to read more about: Thousand Foot Falls

Tropical Wings Nature Center

If you love butterflies, then the Tropical Wings Nature Center is a place you will want to experience. It is located a few miles from San Ignacio, in San Jose Succotz village, and is a 'must see' place for butterfly lovers. Here you will be able to walk in the… Click here to read more about: Tropical Wings Nature Center

Five Sisters Falls

Just as it’s named, Five Sisters Falls are five waterfalls lined up side by side, this beautiful natural formation is a spectacular thing to witness, you get to see just how mother nature can create beautiful things without ever having to design, they just occur naturally. Click here to read more about: Five Sisters Falls

Cayo District - Belize's Ecotourism World Destination

Welcome to, the online home of "The Twin Towns" of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, located in the Cayo District, Belize. Cayo is the largest District in Belize and a World Destination in Ecotourism. It is home to, among other communities, the capital city, Belmopan, and the western-most town, Benque Viejo del Carmen. From San Ignacio and Santa Elena also known as Cayo Belize, you can experience and enjoy what the Cayo District has to offer: Cayo Ecotourism, Cayo cave tubing, Cayo caving, Cayo horseback riding, Cayo biking, Cayo jungle trails, Cayo waterfalls, and many more very attractive and scenic locations.

We invite you to explore The Cayo District and "The Twin Towns" of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, and everything they have to offer in Ecotourism.